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Shiny Gem - the Skating Party/the Lousy Pop Group - Split Cassette & 7"


LIMITED RUN - 4 Song Cassette EP/Label Split between "Shiny Happy Records," (Indonesia) & "Hidden Gem Records." (USA) *Also available as a 7" inch Lathe Single!

This beautiful cassette features the dreamy pop songs, "the Ballad of a Powerful Antagonist," & "Morning Train To Tanah Abang," by the Lousy Pop Group, (Shiny Gem Records) and the uplifting gazey track "Strangled by Stars," & the meloncholy dreampop tune, "Draped in Gloom," by The Skating Party (Hidden Gem Records)lso

The singles are also available in 7" Lathe with: "Draped in Gloom," by the Skating Party, & "the Ballad of a Powerful Antagonist" by the Lousy Pop Group. A Download card from the Skating Party tracks is available as well.