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the Skating Party - Been Caught Feeling

$5.00 / On Sale

Full length Album w/Bonus Track available on CD & Cassette

June 2018 marks the long awaited 4th album, “Been Caught Feeling,” by Philadelphia’s “the Skating Party.” With seven tracks, (8 on the physical copy), it is the most consistent Skating Party release to date. The album opens with the punchy, “Strangled by Stars,” a huge departure from “Drowning the Electric Boy,” with its fuzzy shoegaze guitars and hook laden chorus which could substitute as a lost track from Blur’s debut, “Leisure.” The lead single “Diamonds,” has a psychedelic feel, projecting melancholy, but hopeful lyrics, another staple in the Skating Party catalog. The album closes with the dreampop “Soft Impressions,” to complete the listener’s experience in a trance-like state with a lullaby chorus and e-bowed guitars.

“Been Caught Feeling,” is the most organic Skating Party release to date. Past releases leaned heavily on vintage synths and drum machines, but they barely make an appearance on this record, as suggested in the album’s title. Sonically, the guitars range from noisy feedback solos to twee twang single note melodies. The usual reverb soaked and delayed vocals are still there, blended with whisper soft harmonies and that heavy JC120 chorus from prior Skating Party records.